We currently have 2 teams in the East Hants Tennis League, a men’s in Div 1 and ladies in Div 2. They are mid-week local matches where the teams play 8 sets against each other and where the sets are accumulated over the season with the winners of each league being promoted.

For 2019 summer season, we are looking to add both a men’s B and ladies B team who will start in the bottom divisions as we have had a good demand from our current members, so if you are a keen competitor, then contact Colin and/or the coaching team and nominate yourself to be a part of our growing group of competitors..

East Hants Ladies Team A

East Hants Ladies A team – Div 2 Summer 2019

East Hants Mens Team A

East Hants Mens A team – Div 1 Summer 2019

East Hants Ladies B team

East Hants ladies B team summer 2019

East Hants Mens B team

East Hants Mens B team summer 2019