Membership – Junior 10-13





Our 10-13 age group are just starting out on the road to becoming full and active partners at the club and we hope to offer them a lot of the benefits that other clubs don’t, like access at all times, entry to the ballot and opportunities to play in club events.

  • Access to the center’s Junior coaching program 
  • Discounted prices on holiday activities 
  • Access to individual coaching 
  • Book courts on the on-line system (with a parent in attendance at the club)
  • Opportunity to play in Sunday morning club session year round
  • Opportunity to play matches for the club at Junior level
  • Be entered into the Wimbledon ballot that is run at the club
  • Enter the “Road to Wimbledon “ yearly competition (u14 age group)
  • Be involved with the club’s many various tennis events held at the centre
  • Receive updated information about the club through e-mails and facebook/ Twitter

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