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colin-centre-managerMy first page of the new gossip page should be about the website and all about the new things that are going on with the it… like our team news section, club activities and social section.

We really hope you like the new layout as we’ve tried very hard to bring together everything that the club does and wants to do going forward. Hopefully, the new site will allow for better communication between us, you and every member that is at the centre.

Obviously we’ve included all the latest social media, facebook, twitter and instagram for you super trendy people who want to network and be a finger swipe away from the latest!!!!

Then we also have our yearly calendar which hopefully will be able to let you know everything that is going on at the club, whether it be league matches, social events, club days or LTA competitions, it will all get put onto the calendar…. you’ll even be able to book on-line to club events such as “The Davis Cup” weekend in advance to secure your place nice an early… how’s that for 21st century J

Of course, the biggest asset of the website is to show off our club to the ever growing internet population, which means that you can help with this by having fun with facebook, twitter and of course the new phenomenon “the selfie “picture which I want loads of to put up in our new galleries…  playing tennis obviously in the funniest places….

Apart from our new fab website, which you are reading this on, the real world continues and with a bit of dry weather the clay courts should be ready not too soon, the clay has been ordered and now with a little more sunshine we should be able to start getting it prepared for the summer!!!! Any willing helpers are of course most welcome, I’m sure we can russell up a beer or two if you can find an afternoon to help lay the clay… I’ll let you know a work party date very soon…

That’s all for now, happy hunting around the new site and if you feel there is more we can do with it, please let me know and I’ll try and find a space for it..

Colin X

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