We have a new and welcome addition to our teams this year – a local pub!! “The Royal Exchange” Lindford, part of the Red Mist leisure group. This fine establishment is just up the road and is sponsoring the team kit, so when the teams are playing at home, you will be able to recognise them easily and be able to give our support even more heartily!!! Plus, they are offering 20% discount off your total food bill to all our members, so don’t forget to pick up Members Card from the clubhouse.

EHTL Men (Div 1)

 Cheriton away – a good solid start to the season with 2 new members of the team playing as we travelled away to Cheriton on a damp and drizzly April evening. We came away with a 4-4 draw and nearly sneaked the win, but for a rather slippery surface that got the better of our team, who obviously are only used to indoor conditions!!!

The team was: Luke Newland/Bevan Youl and Mat Berry/ Mat Wotton

EHTL Ladies (Div 3)