Kingsley Tennis Centre has long been a place of quality coaching for over 30 years. It has a long history of working with people of all ages and standards and a philosophy of helping people of all backgrounds into tennis and that continues to this day.  From starter level children to highly ranked national players, from rusty adults to competitive league players, there is a class or product that we offer that can help you improve your game and get you to love tennis even more.

As of September 2018, we changed our junior coaching set-up to a monthly payment scheme, to give flexibility to parents. The coaching packages include the children’s coaching, membership and access to our holiday camps, which we run throughout the year and will be advertised in the grey bar below:

Current Holiday Courses

Holiday courses at Kingsley Tennis Centre

Activities for the Holidays

Mini – Tennis Sessions:

Each session is from 9.30am-12.30pm on the indoor courts to guarantee the camp running. Lots of tennis activity at each stage to help children learn and improve their tennis skills.



Monday 17th Feb 9.30-12.30pm     click here         RED BALL session

Tuesday 18th Feb 9.30-12.30pm    click here         ORANGE BALL session

Wed 19th Feb 9.30-12.30pm           click here         GREEN BALL  session

Yellow Ball Sessions:


Our coaches will put you through your paces with 3 hours of drills and practices in order to improve your game, develop your knowledge and give you helpful tips for you to go away and practice in your own time..


Thursday 20th Feb 9.30-12.30pm    click here       YELLOW BALL session


Girls Only Sessions:


Once again this year, we are encouraging girls of all ages to come and get involved on the court for some fun social tennis run and organised by female coaches, a little bit of tennis, a little bit of social and loads of FUN!!!! come and join us and get happy on a tennis court!!!

Not running this February half term as we don’t have a female coach to organise the session.

Coaching Classes 2019

Please click on the + sign to open the drop down which shows you the classes available for each age group and the has the link for the on-line payment for each coaching membership available. This year we have split our programme into 2 sections, Community and  Performance (inc u10’s) so that we can help every player reach the level they wish to obtain and get the most out of their tennis, whether they want the more fun and social side or to be pushed a little harder and receive more intensive training.

Community Tennis from 4 to 16 years old







Community RED BALL classes:

Reception to year 2 – ages 4 to 6 (new to tennis or playing less than 18 months)

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri   4.00 – 4.40pm

Sunday                                    9.00 – 9.40am


Year 2 / Year 3  – ages 6-8 (playing for more than 18 months)

Mon, Wed, Fri,    4.40-5.20pm

Sun                       9.40-10.20am


Community ORANGE BALL classes:

Years 3 and 4 – aged 8/9 years old

Mon, Wed, Fri,   5.20 – 6.00pm

Sun                      10.20-11.00am

Click here for red and orange monthly coaching membership with one coaching session a week

Click here for red and orange monthly coaching membership with two coaching sessions a week






Community GREEN BALL classes:

Years 4 and 5 – aged 9/10 years old

Mon and  Fri      6.00-7.00pm

Tues and Thurs 5.00-6.00pm


Community YELLOW BALL classes:

Years 6, 7 and 8  – aged 10-13 years old

Mon, Thurs         5.00-6.00pm

Sun                      11.00- 12.00pm


Years 8 and upwards  – aged 13+ years old

Mon, Tues, Wed   6.00-7.00pm

click here for green and yellow monthly coaching membership for one coaching session a week

click here for green and yellow monthly coaching membership for two coaching sessions a week

Mini/ Junior Development Squads 6-18 years ol


These squads are designed to be more intensive than our community sessions and we expect players to attend 2 sessions a week which are outlined below at the various ball colours. Session lengths get longer as players get older and are able to focus for longer periods of time

Red Development Squads                      Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri        4.00-4.45pm

book here for your red development coaching membership – 2 sessions a week


Orange Development Squads               Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri        4.45-5.45pm

book here for your orange development coaching membership – 2 sessions a week


Green Development Squads                 Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri         5.45-7.00pm

book here for your green development coaching membership – 2 sessions a week


Yellow Ball Performance squads

level 1  (leaving green ball)                      Mon, Tues, Thurs              4.00-5.30pm

level 2  (9.2-8.1 lta rating)                         Tues, Thurs                         5.30-7.00pm

level 3  (8.1- 6.1 lta rating)                         Wed, Fri                              5.30-7.00pm

Level 4 ( 6.1 and above lta rating)           Mon, Fri                               5.30-7.00pm

Book here for your yellow ball coaching membership – 1 session a week

Book here for your yellow ball coaching membership – 2 sessions a week

Book here for your yellow ball coaching membership – 3 sessions a week

Adult Coaching




We love helping our adult members improve and as a result we have several options to help them achieve that goal.

Individual Coaching

FULLTIME STAFF                                                                                                   1 lesson                      5 lessons

Colin Jakeway              Master Performance Coach      Level 5                   £40/hr                            £175

Sam Conway                Club Development Coach         Level 3                   £25/hr                             £100


Michelle Rothwell       Club Development Coach        Level 3                   £25/hr                              £100

Please contact the centre if you would like to book an individual lesson with one of team.

The centre’s number is 01420 489492

Colin Jakeway- Centre Manger:

colin-centre-managerColin is a level 5 Master Performance coach who in the past has worked for the LTA as a County Performance Manger for Hampshire. He has taught over 15 players to junior national level and his most recent success was the U18 national doubles champ for 2018 and 2019. He has taught tennis for over 30 years to all levels and now runs the Kingsley Tennis Centre as the manager, overseeing all aspects of the club..

Sam Conway – club coach:

Sam joins us from Sept 2019 and is part of a new team for this new season. He has recently been spending time in America helping with development programmes there and brings youth, energy and enthusiasm to out community programme.

To contact  for lessons please call the centre on 01420 489492

Teaching Assistants at Kingsley TC

We also do have some younger adults who are good players and are often willing to be hitting partners for adults or younger Juniors. If you are looking for someone to practice with, then please chat to us and we’ll match you up with one of them..