Kingsley Tennis Centre has long been a place of quality coaching for over 30 years. It has a long history of working with people of all ages and standards and a philosophy of helping people of all backgrounds into tennis and that continues to this day.  From starter level children to highly ranked national players, from rusty adults to competitive league players, there is a class or product that we offer that can help you improve your game and get you to love tennis even more.

Since September 2017, the centre has updated it’s Mini and Junior programs by adding more classes than ever plus we have added 2 more coaches to our team to make sure that our coach/pupil ratios stay in-line with LTA guidelines.

We are also introducing our new adult monthly coaching package this May 2018, for our members who are looking for a flexible way to learn and improve their tennis. 15 sessions of group lessons each week available and one monthly fee covers it all…please click here for more details

For current class information, please click on the + sign below and right to see a full list of the classes under each heading and if it has a “click here” in light blue, then you can get the full details about the class and book/ pay online.

Mini-Tennis Times:  Red Saturday 10.30-12am    Orange Saturday 9-10.30am     Green:  Sunday 9-10.30

Junior Club Times:   U18 Juniors  10.30-12am

The juniors are obviously allowed to book their own courts at other times and play with other members, but we would however ask that any u10’s have a parent present at all times on site just so the children have someone responsible to go to if needed.

Holiday courses at Kingsley Tennis Centre

Activities for Summer Holidays

Tennis for Kids – LTA initiative:

We are continuing with our LTA tennis intro-courses over the summer holidays as we offer 2 weeks of daily sessions to get your kids into tennis. All our courses can be seen on the link below. This fantastic opportunity to get some great personalised tennis kit and 6 teaching lessons for an unbelievable price of just £25, it just doesn’t get better!!! 

Mini – Tennis Camps:

Each day is from 9.30am-12.30pm on the indoor courts to guarantee the camp running. Lots of tennis activity at each stage to help children learn and improve their tennis skills, with each age group split into the various age group colours.

You can book daily or for the 4 days and members of the centre will get A 25% DISCOUNT  when booking.


Camp 1 –  4 to 10 year olds  –  24th to 27th July

Camp 2 – 4 to 10 year olds – 30th July to 2nd Aug

Camp 3 –  4 to 10 year olds  –  6th to 9th Aug

Camp 4 – 4 -10 year olds  –  13th to 16th Aug

Camp 5 – 4 to 10 year olds  –  20th – 23rd Aug

Yellow Ball Sessions:

Each Friday, our performance coaches will put you through your paces with 3 hours of drills and practice workouts in order to keep your skill level high, so whether you need practice before a tournament next week or you just want to get some great quality tennis in, then Kingsley Tennis Centre is the place to be from 1-4pm…



Session 1  – 27th July  1-4pm 

Session 2 – 3rd Aug  1-4pm

Session 3 – 10th Aug 1-4pm

Session 4 – 17th Aug  1-4pm

Session 5 – 24th Aug 1-4pm

GIRLS ONLY – She rallies:

Fun sessions for GIRLS ONLY!!! We want to encourage girls to get into tennis, come and have fun with friends and play tennis without any worries!!!

Run by female instructors who will help, encourage and be role models for the girls and show them that tennis is a good time activity open to all…

Wednesday 25th July 1.30-4.30pm 

Wednesday 8th august 1.30-4.30pm

Wednesday 22nd August 1.30-4.30pm

Coaching Classes below, please click on the + sign to get the drop down to open up and then click on the course that suits you.

Starter courses 11-18 years old

Monday 6-7pm click here

Wednesday 6-7pm click here

Thursday 5-6pm  click here

Mini tennis: 4-10 yr olds

Red Mini -Tennis

Level 1 – players who are requiring basic technique skills in order to rally the ball across the net

Level 2 – players are rallying and need further skills to improve their control of the ball in a game situation

Level 3 – Players have good control of the ball and are developing skills to play competitively in LTA events

Red classes  

Monday         4.00-4.45 pm         Level 2    click here

Tuesday        4.15-5.00pm          Level 1     click here

Tuesday        4.00-4.45pm          Level 2    click here

Wednesday  4.00-4.45 pm         Level 2    click here

Wednesday  4.00-4.45 pm         Level 3    Performance  (by invitation)

Thursday      4.00-4.45pm           Level 1    click here  (We have 2 groups running)

Friday           4.00-4.45 pm          Level 1    click here

Friday           4.00-4.45 pm          Level 3    Performance  (by invitation)

Orange Mini-Tennis

Orange classes

Monday       4.45-5.30pm         Orange ball – level 2           click here

Tuesday       4.45-5.30pm         Orange ball – level 1           click here

Wednesday 4.45-5.30pm        Orange ball – level 2           click here

Thursday    4.45-5.30pm         Orange ball – level 1           click here

Friday          4.45-5.30pm         Performance – level 3       by invitation

Green Mini-Tennis

Green classes

Monday       5.30-6.30pm               Moving up from orange ball     click here

Tuesday        4.45-5.45pm             Moving up from orange ball     click here

Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm             Moving up from orange ball     click here

Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm             Performance (by invitation)

Thursday    4.00-5.00pm              Moving up from orange ball      click here

Friday          5.30-6.30pm              Performance (by invitation)

Junior coaching sessions: 10-18 yr olds


Mixed U18 Junior Class  6.00-7.00pm  click here


Mixed U18 Junior Class  6.00-7.00pm  click here


Mixed U18 Junior Class  6.00-7.00pm  click here


Mixed U14 Junior Class  5.00-6.00pm   click here

Junior Performance squad Training 10-18 yr olds

Level 1  Tuesdays/ Thursdays

U14 Mixed Junior Performance (10.2-8.1 class)     5.30-7.00 pm      BY INVITATION

U14 Mixed Junior Performance (10.2-8.1 class)     5.30-7.00 pm      BY INVITATION

Level 2  Wednesdays/ Fridays

U14 Mixed Junior Performance (7.2-5.2 class)       5.30-7.00 pm      BY INVITATION

U14/18 Mixed Junior Performance (7.2-5.2)          6.00-8.00 pm     BY INVITATION

Level 3 Mondays/Fridays

U18 Mixed Junior Performance  (5.1+)                     6.30-8.30 pm     BY INVITATION

U18 Mixed Junior Performance  (5.1+)                      6.00-8.00 pm    BY INVITATION

Student and University 16-21 yrs old


U18 mixed Junior class    6.00-7.00pm    click here

University players, please see the new adult package that will be available from April 16th, as you will be able to book for a month at a time whilst you are at home and then be able to use the 25 hours a week of coaching available.. or click below for full details of the new package:

Click here

Adult Classes - daytime

Please see our new adult coaching package which is due to come into operation on April 16th 2018… classes will be advertised here soon, however you will need to join the coaching package to access them each week.

click here to see what we will be offering 

Adult Classes - evening

Please see our new adult coaching package for all the new classes that we will be offering. The start date for the new adult coaching package is going to be May 1st 2018. For more details of what we are offering please click below:

click here: 

One-off Adult Training Days and Sessions

Mens Adult training:

Next training day is Saturday 7th April click here for booking 

Ladies Adult Training Day:

Next training day is Saturday 17th March click here for booking

Individual Coaching

FULLTIME STAFF                                                                                                    1 lesson                      5 lessons

Colin Jakeway              Master Performance Coach            Level 5                POA

Bob Clark                      Head Coach                                 ITF Level C             £40/hr                           £175

William Wheeler         Club Coach                                          Level 3             £25/hr                            £100

Liam Vacher                 Club Coach                                         Level 3             £25/hr                            £100

Joan Sala                       Club Coach                                         Level 3             £25/hr                            £100


Alex Peer                       Hitter                                                  Level 2             £12/hr                             £50

Jess Peachey               Miss Hits (Girls organiser)              Level 2             £12/hr

Please contact the centre if you would like to book an individual lesson with one of team.

The centre’s number is 01420 489492

Colin Jakeway- Centre Manger:

colin-centre-managerColin is a level 5 Master Performance coach who in the past has worked for the LTA as a County Performance Manger for Hampshire. He has taught over 15 players to junior national level and currently is working with 2 players in the top 20 of their age group. He has taught tennis for over 25 years to all levels and with his parents help, now runs the Kingsley Tennis Centre as the manager, overseeing all aspects of the club.. He still manages time to play a little and is looking forward to becoming a 45 & over veteran as his ambition is to get a world ranking in that category and play that age group at Wimbledon in the next year or two!

Bob Clark – Head Coach:

Bob has a wealth of experience teaching tennis all over the world. He has just come from Bahrain, where he was the Davis Cup coach for Qatar and head of their national tennis program. He has taught tennis for over 30 years to clients and club people using his huge depth of tennis knowledge to improve all he has met!!! He is also a tennis tutor helping to teach coaches for the Spanish federation (the R.P.T), the US Professional Tennis Registry and the LTA, giving many lectures and talks to conferences around the world., he is truly an encyclopaedia of tennis!!!!

William Wheeler- Schools Coordinator:

William is a local person who has grown up in this area and knows the people within. He has been a coach for 4 years and is moving to us in order to help us develop a bigger and more cohesive schools and outreach program. He won tennis volunteer of the year back in 2013 when helping out with some wheelchair players and since then has gone on to actively encourage those that are not normally involved in our great sport to get involved and participate. William will also be taking on the new link with Alton Convent that we have, helping alongside Mr Simon Janes to deliver a full and comprehensive  tennis program for the convent.

Liam Vacher – Club Coach

Liam is another Hampshire man who learnt his tennis in Portsmouth, still regularly competes in all the leagues and matches he can and has now taken his passion to the next level… and has passed his level 3 LTA exam this summer. He is now looking to put it to good use and help to develop those under him  and help us as a centre develop people of all abilities to be the best they can be!!! He’s very ambitious and wants only the best for the people he helps…

Joan Sala – Club Coach

Joan learnt his tennis in Spain, played to a good level in Spain (which means great!!) went to university, got a degree in engineering and then choose the life of a tennis coach as he felt he was more of a people person and wanted to engineer people rather than things. He has spent 2 years in Bahrain teaching all levels and has re-joined up with Bob as he wants to continue to help others by learning more from the best!!! Joan is an enthusiastic and hard working person who demands a high level from the people under his engineered wing, he has his RPT qualification and is currently converting that to the LTA system which should be completed by Christmas..

To contact  for lessons please call the centre on 01420 489492

Teaching Assistants at Kingsley TC

We also do have some younger adults who are good players and are often willing to be hitting partners for adults or younger Juniors. If you are looking for someone to practice with, then please chat to us and we’ll match you up with one of them..

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