Kingsley Tennis Centre has long been a place of quality coaching for over 30 years. It has a long history of working with people of all ages and standards and a philosophy of helping people of all backgrounds into tennis and that continues to this day.  From starter level children to highly ranked national players, from rusty adults to competitive league players, there is a class or product that we offer that can help you improve your game and get you to love tennis even more.

As of September 2018, we have changed our junior coaching set-up to a monthly payment scheme, to give flexibility to parents. The coaching packages include the children’s coaching, membership and 10 days of holiday camps, which we run throughout the year.

Current Holiday Courses

Holiday courses at Kingsley Tennis Centre

Activities for the Holidays

Mini – Tennis Sessions:

Each day is from 9.00am-12.00pm on the indoor courts to guarantee the camp running. Lots of tennis activity at each stage to help children learn and improve their tennis skills.

Mini Red – Monday 27th May  click here to book   

Mini Orange – Tuesday 28th May click here to book


Green and Yellow Ball Sessions:

Our coaches will put you through your paces with 3 hours of drills and practices in order to improve your game, develop your knowledge and give you helpful tips for you to go away and practice in your own time..

Green ball session on Wed 29th May click here to book

Yellow ball session on Thurs 30th May click here to book


A 3hr practice session at the end of the week for players who have been competing during the week and want a little time on court to iron out those errors and correct those mistakes.  You’ll work on those parts that need attention, helping you get the maximum out of yourself and your game.

Performance session on Thurs 30th May click here to book


Summer holidays

Camp information will be released by the middle of June when we have recruited our summer time staff and will then be able to complete our programme.

Coaching Classes 2018

Please click on the + sign to open the drop down which shows you the classes available for each age group and the has the link for the on-line payment for each coaching membership available.

Mini Tennis 4- 10 year olds






RED BALL classes:

Monday red 1             4.00-4.45pm                red 2         4.00-4.45pm

Tuesday red 1            4.00-4.45pm                red 2          4.00-4.45pm

Wed’day red 2           4.00-4.45pm

Thursday red tots     4.00-4.45pm                 red 1         4.00-4.45pm

Friday red girls          4.00-4.45pm                 red 1         4.00-4.45pm & 4.45-5.30pm

Sunday red 1             10.00-10.45am

click here for monthly coaching membership with one coaching session a week

click here for monthly coaching membership with two coaching sessions a week

ORANGE BALL classes:

Monday Orange 1            4.45-5.30pm

Tuesday Orange 1           4.45-5.30pm

Wed’day Orange 1          4.00-4.45pm              Orange 2         4.45-5.30pm

Thu’day Orange 2           4.45pm-5.30pm

Friday Orange 1              4.45-5.30pm

Sunday Orange 1            10.45-11.30am

Click here for monthly coaching membership with one coaching session a week

Click here for monthly coaching membership with two coaching sessions a week

GREEN BALL classes:

Monday Green 1                5.30-6.30pm

Tuesday Green 1               4.45-5.45pm

Wed’day Green 1              5.00-6.00pm                  Green 2      5.00-6.00pm

Thu’day  Green girls        4.00-5.00pm

Friday Green 2                  5.30-6.30pm

click here for monthly coaching membership for one coaching session a week

click here for monthly coaching membership for two coaching sessions a week

Junior Coaching 11-17 year old







YELLOW BALL classes:

Monday 11-14 years old           6.00-7.00pm

Tuesday 14-17 years old          6.00-7.00pm

Wed’day 14-17 years old         6.00-7.00pm

Thu’day  11-14 years old          5.00-6.00pm

Click here for monthly coaching membership with one coaching session a week

Click here for monthly coaching membership with two coaching sessions a week

Junior Performance 10-17







10.2 – 7.2 rated Players:

Tuesday     5.30-7.00pm

Thursday   5.30-7.00pm

7.1 – 5.1 rated players:

Wed’day    5.30-7.00pm

Friday        6.00-8.00pm

5.1 and above rated players:

Monday      6.30-8.30pm

Friday         6.00-8.00pm

click here for the monthly coaching membership with one coaching session a week

click here for the monthly coaching membership with two coaching sessions a week

Adult Coaching




We love helping our adult members improve and as a result we have several options to help them achieve that goal.

Individual Coaching

FULLTIME STAFF                                                                                                    1 lesson                      5 lessons

Colin Jakeway              Master Performance Coach            Level 5                POA

Bob Clark                      Head Coach                                 ITF Level B             £40/hr                           £175

William Wheeler         Club Coach                                          Level 3             £28/hr                            £115

Liam Vacher                 Club Coach                                          Level 3             £28/hr                            £115


Michelle Rothwell       Club Coach  (mid week daytime)   Level 3             £25/hr

Liam Seager                  Club Coach (holiday time only)     Level 2             £15/hr

Please contact the centre if you would like to book an individual lesson with one of team.

The centre’s number is 01420 489492

Colin Jakeway- Centre Manger:

colin-centre-managerColin is a level 5 Master Performance coach who in the past has worked for the LTA as a County Performance Manger for Hampshire. He has taught over 15 players to junior national level and currently is working with 2 players in the top 20 of their age group. He has taught tennis for over 25 years to all levels and with his parents help, now runs the Kingsley Tennis Centre as the manager, overseeing all aspects of the club.. He still manages time to play a little and is looking forward to becoming a 45 & over veteran as his ambition is to get a world ranking in that category and play that age group at Wimbledon in the next year or two!

Bob Clark – Head Coach:

Bob has a wealth of experience teaching tennis all over the world. He recently completed his international coaching qualification in Austria and can now teach players ranked up to 300 in the world and he is looking to take the final step within a year or so and become one of only 50 coaches in the world to hold the highest international level of qualification that the ATP tour recognises. He has taught tennis for over 30 years to clients and club people using his huge depth of tennis knowledge to improve all he has met!!!

He is also a tennis tutor helping to teach other coaches to become coaches for the Spanish federation (the R.P.T) and the US Professional Tennis Registry , giving many lectures and talks to conferences around the world., he is truly an encyclopaedia of tennis!!!!

William Wheeler- Schools Coordinator:

William is a local person who has grown up in this area and knows the people within. He has been a coaching at the centre for 2 years now and is well established with the members.  He continues to develop our school and community program and is now in regular contact with over 12 primary schools and 3 secondary schools within the area . He won tennis volunteer of the year back in 2013 when helping out with some wheelchair players and since then has gone on to actively encourage those that are not normally involved in our great sport to get involved and participate.

Liam Vacher – Club Coach

Liam is another Hampshire man who learnt his tennis in Portsmouth, still regularly competes in all the leagues and matches he can and has now taken his passion to the next level… and has passed his level 3 LTA exam in 2017.He is now looking to put it to good use and help to develop those under him  and help us as a centre develop people of all abilities to be the best they can be!!! He’s very ambitious and wants only the best for the people he helps…

To contact  for lessons please call the centre on 01420 489492

Teaching Assistants at Kingsley TC

We also do have some younger adults who are good players and are often willing to be hitting partners for adults or younger Juniors. If you are looking for someone to practice with, then please chat to us and we’ll match you up with one of them..

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