Club Officials

Jill Jakeway: Club Founder

Jill-Jakeway--Club-OwnerHer dream to have a tennis venue where juniors were given the same access as seniors and to receive quality coaching for all was ahead of its time and through her hard work, it has been realised and continues to this day. Kingsley Tennis Centre is her legacy to modern day tennis clubs and centres in this area of Hampshire, where coach led activities are as important as club mix-ins, matches and social senior tennis. The open door policy to all that she established here at the centre has helped thousands of children and adults learn tennis over the last 3 decades and hopefully will continue long into the future. Jill still helps in the centre, dealing with the club mix-ins and welcoming new people, making them feel relaxed and at home, after all that’s what it is to Jill, her home…

David Jakeway: Club Founder

The quDavid-Jakeway--Club-Owneriet, behind the scenes person, who helped establish the dreams of his wife. David continues to help at the centre even though his passion for tennis his not his first love- that goes to cricket!!! where he played semi-professionally for the civil service for many years. He then brought his skills to the tennis scene and has for the last 20 years or more been involved in developing the centre, not with its programs, but it’s facilities, finding alternative ways round traditional problems like our slightly different lighting system on the indoor courts. He still continues in the centre today helping behind the bar and getting involved with social activities that the centre holds.

Colin Jakeway: Club Owner/Centre manager

colin-centre-managerColin is a LTA Master Performance Coach who has taught at Junior International level during his career, spent time within the LTA as an officer helping talented juniors rise to national/international level before coming back to the centre to help players locally. He continues where his mother left off, believing that tennis is open to all and should be available to all, at a cost that is reasonable and affordable. He has introduced dis-ability tennis to the centre, encouraged and welcomed LTA competitions of all level to the club, so that players don’t have to travel as far to compete. The club has expanded under his charge going from two indoor to four indoor courts, the coaching set-up is now well and truly established and Colin’s next step is to increase playing opportunities for all in the club, either through more facilities and/ or more outreach work with other clubs.


Club Teaching Professionals:

Bob Clark:                    Head Coach for all players at the Centre

Will Wheeler:              Main role is as “Schools Co-ordinator” and  general club coach

The Dome Tennis Foundation:

The DTF is the centres charitable arm.  Kingsley TC  as a business cannot apply for grants/awards or help with outreach activities, so the DTF gets involved and we have co-opted a core group of people to help in administering this charity. They are as follows:

Colin Jakeway – Chairperson/ trustee

David Jakeway – Treasurer

Sue Beyfus – Secretary/ trustee

Dr Charles Walters – Trustee

This group to date has found monies to help with the following programs:

  • Schools outreach program
  • Schools competition and festivals
  • Dis-ability start up
  • Individual player help
  • Apprenticeships

The aim of the DTF is to specifically encourage the participation and development of children/ young adults into the take up of tennis as a sport and lifelong activity.

To date they have supported tennis sessions in over 25 local schools at both primary and secondary, helped with start up sessions after school at all ages from 6-16yrs old and with the new dis-ability club at the centre. They have also helped in the past, individual players with transport and equipment needed for competition and are getting involved with young adults now under the apprenticeship scheme.