Christmas Activities at the Centre

It’s that time of year again, when silly hats and jumpers become all the rage!!! eyes bulge at the sight of soooo much food and we forget all about hitting tennis balls…. Well not if we can help it this year as we have something for everyone to come and get involved in..

“Ladies that lunch” is on the 16th Dec, a fun morning tennis with a social winter warming lunch after tennis.

Then on the 21st Dec, we have our last Adult club afternoon of the year, with the obligotory silly jumper to be worn whilst playing… then into the clubhouse for a winter warming drink and a mince pie or two???

Lastly, on the 28th Dec, we’ve dedicated to families with a parent N child event for every age from Mini RED kids all the way to kids who play better than their parents… a real eye opener in the older ages. and all topped off with some ginger bread decorating (and eating)

All the full details can be seen on the club’s notice board.. We already have names up from the keen members, come and join us and have a truly fun time at the centre and keep some of that christmnas excess at bay 🙂

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