Team Tennis 2018:

This year we have entered more teams than ever before, a total of 11 teams either in Region or County¬† level, and what is pleasing us most is it’s the youngest players of all that are growing.. there are 5 mini-T teams this year and that’s just great news for all concerned.


Mens A (regional)

Our first time back in region for 10 years and the division we were in, looked very tough indeed!!! Our first 4 matches all went the wrong way, but what we didn’t know was they were all the top 4 teams and our last 3 matches we did a great job, held our own and came up trumps winning all three which meant we stayed. A really good effort especially as we fielded 2 of the youngest players in the league of any of the teams, Ollie Fernandez at 14 and Ryan Golesworthy at 15!! Next year, they will be stronger and so will we.. ready to challenge for promotion if we can!!!


Mens B (County Div 2)

The season started well but drifted away once we had lost a crucial match to Denmead, but it did give us chance to blood a couple of our teenagers into the men’s team, where they did a great job and won a couple of solid singles matches against some well known experienced men!!! here’s to 2019 season.. We came third in the end


U18 Girls (County Div 1)

A solid year for our u18’s, had their chances to win this league but missed on a couple of big moments and as a result came 2nd to Winchester.. but we have the same team available for next year – so here’s to 2019!!


U14 Girls (County Div 1)

It was good to field an U14 girls team this year and hopefully next year they will have gained a little more experience and challenge for the league title. A great effort girls..


U16 Boys (County Div 1)

Similar to our u14 team, we had a couple of our younger boys play up to make the team complete and despite some great tennis came off 2nd best on a couple of occasion’s, leaving us mid table this year.


U14 Boys (County Div 1)

The boys played well this year and we got the chance to blood a couple of u12’s who will be moving up next year. We didn’t always make the most of our chances, hence why we finished mid table, but hopefully we’ll learn the lessons for next year..


U10 Mixed team (County Div 1)

The U10’s team had a tough year overall, gaining lots of experience but not many sets unfortunately. They will all move into the u12’s next year, where hopefully they will join a few boys from the year above to make a stronger u12’s team..


U8 RED team Mixed (County div 1)

We entered 2 U8 teams this year due to our programme expanding and wanting more players to experience the set up. 7 of our 8 players will be eligible next year for the same event, so this year was for fun and despite some great effort and energy from out players we came 5th and 6th in the event… but we had the best team outfits!!!!