Team Tennis 2018:

This year we have entered more teams than ever before, a total of 11 teams either in Region or County  level, and what is pleasing us most is it’s the youngest players of all that are growing.. there are 5 mini-T teams this year and that’s just great news for all concerned.

We will try to keep you updated with all that is happening weekend by weekend, but all the results are on the Team Tennis fixtures page click here for those details and then just click on which team you would like to keep upto date with.

We’ll write up a report for each weekend and try and get as many pics of each team as we can, just so you know who has played for us and then you can spot them round the centre?? maybe??  anyway lets hope for another successful year..

Mens A (regional)

Match 1 played Home to Maidenhead and lost 0-6, having lost 3 singles matches in final sets, with the longest match being just under 3hours!!! We didn’t play the doubles as exhaustion got the better of us…

The team was: Ryan Golesworthy, Ollie Fernanadez, Colin Jakeway, Liam Vacher

Match 2 played away in Cheltenham on a windy, cold, dull day wasn’t much better  0-6… we lost 2 three set matches and a close third match in a t/b second… which means we aren’t far away from turning things around, we just need a little more focus on the big points!!! again, didn’t play the doubles as having survived the cold, we opted for a nice warm tea and cake laid on by East Glos Club!!! cheers guys 🙂

The team was: Ryan Golesworthy, Ollie Fernanadez, Alex Peer, Colin Jakeway


Mens B (County Div 2)

First match was a solid win 4-2 over Wellow from Romsey, with first time starts for Paul Jaggers and Jed Voysey, good wins from both of them. Stalwart Keith May completed the job with his singles and doubles victory giving us a 4-2 win.

The team was: Jed Voysey, Paul Jaggers, Kieran May, Keith May

Match 2 at home vs Totton didn’t go so well as we were missing the youngsters and key team members and despite some valiant efforts by our more mature members, we came off second best.. 0-6 which leaves us with a slightly uphill battle for promotion.

The team was: Andrea Casella, Keith May, Kieran May, Bevan Youl, Paul Zoltowski (D)


U18 Girls (County Div 1)

They played extremely well in a very tight match with Winchester and after rnd 1 we were 3-0 up, but Winchester came stroming back and took the 2nd rnd 0-3, which meant a 10 point t/b shoot out to find the winners..?? and it wasn’t us, the girls succumbed 5-10!!

The team was: Rida Nayemullah, Sophie Zoltowski, Hannah Zoltowski, Jena Gregory


U14 Girls (County Div 1)

Match 1 was a good contest between us and Potsmouth, but they had a little to much experience for us and eventually came out on top 2-4. Congrats to Yasemine Kazim as she won both her singles and doubs!!

The team was: Hannah Zoltowski, Jasmin Casella, Yasemine Kazim, Aviva Geneva


U16 Boys (County Div 1)

Tough first match against Portsmouth who overpowered us 1-5 with our only win coming in the 2nd pair doubs!! but we fought hard and didn’t let our heads drop, so well done for sticking to the task.. especially the 2 boys playing up an age group 🙂

The team was: Mat Berry, Robbie Hill, George Copplestone, Dan Micklefield


U14 Boys (County Div 1)

First match was Portsmouth again!!! and despite a competitive game we ended up on the losing side 4-8, but could have been the other way bar a couple of points here and there..

The team was: Toby Blackwell, George Copplestone, Dan Micklefield, Josh Bardoe

Match two was a much more sunny affair with the boys competing well and coming away from Thornden with a resounding win!!! 12-0!! and the top 2 boys didn’t drop a game in their singles or doubles matches.. awesome boys!!

The team was: Toby Blackwell, George Copplestone, Dan Micklefield, Josh Bardoe


U10 Mixed team (County Div 1)

First match – you guessed it? Portsmouth!! and they played very well and dominated the matches 0-6, but our 4 boys who are all pretty new to this, played well and learnt a lot, this might be a hard group to be in this year..

The team was: Toby Rowe, Joel Collins, Mat Craig, Jamie Craig

Second match against more tough opposition in Basingstoke this time and unfortunately with a similar outcome, 0-6. Played well but not enough serves in court was the feedback and at a good enough speed to stop the Basingstoke boys attacking you from the first ball.. good lesson to learn though!! keep practising 🙂

The team was: Toby Rowe, Ed Goddard, Mat Craig, Jamie Craig